27 Sep


Athlete Briefing

27 Sep

Reminder that there is an athlete briefing tomorrow morning at 7:30am! We will be covering the WOD movements, standards and any questions you may have.


You can check in at 7:00am, first heat starts at 8:30am.

Workout #2 ANNOUNCED!

26 Sep

WOD #2

“Honey Badger Don’t Care”

3 min to find Max rep Dumbbell Pullups**

then 2

10 Min AMRAP Honey Badger Complex:

3 Deadlifts

3 Hang Squat Cleans

3 Front Squats

3 Shoulder to Overhead**

20 partner box jumps

**40 – 47 DB weight for men: 45lb, women 25lb.  48+ DB weight for men: 35lb, women 20lb.

Men will start, go through one cycle (deadlift – shoulder to overhead) then women will complete one cycle.

Once both partners have completed one cycle, they will do 20 box jumps (work/rest however necessary) before the male partner can start the next cycle.

True to any “complex” DB weights may not be set down between reps or movements. If weights are put down at any point, you must start at the beginning of the cycle again for reps to count.

Workout #1 RELEASED!

26 Sep

 WOD #1 Number-1

“Row n Run”

4 min to find 3 Rep Max Axel Deadlift


10 Min AMRAP

1000m Row (partner will be in static hold)*

80 double unders

20 toes 2 bar

20 burpee over partner

Rest 1 min

Unknown Partner Run**

*1000m row will only be competed once. Static hold will be discussed on Saturday at Athlete briefing.

** Run distance will be announce Saturday morning.

***All reps are listed as total reps (between partners)


Athlete and Spectator Venue Map

26 Sep

MM at DCF outside map

Shh… The WODs are coming!

25 Sep


Little clue to what the WOD’s will be this Saturday:

  • Bring your best Double Under Rope (or 5 of them depending on the day)
  • An Unknown Run (no more than 1 mile)
  • Dumbbell FUN! (clue… it lives in the woods)
  • Row, Row, Row your boat
  • Maybe you will need long socks, 15ft up could be in your future…

Have FUN and stay tuned for the full WOD postings tomorrow!!!

Featured Sponsor: Marley’s Coffee

18 Sep

marley's coffee

Marley’s Coffee will be in attendance all morning serving up hot and iced coffee and teas to everyone at Master’s Madness! They are an ALL organic local company bringing their customers nothing but the best. We are so happy to have them at our event and keep us caffeine fueled for the day.  We hope they bring some paleo waffles too!

Featured Sponsor: Inner Strength Apparel

16 Sep


We are happy to welcome Inner Strength Apparel as one of our sponsors. They are a custom inspirational apparel company that was started by a crossfitter, to be worn by crossfitters! We hope you stop by their booth and check out all their awesome tanks, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines within.”

Featured Sponsor: Amara Recovery

11 Sep

Amara Logo

“Amara believes in enjoying a healthy, balanced lifestyle and pursuing what you love are keys to happiness.”

A little bit about Amara:

Their CEO, Greg Connolly, founded Amara because he was searching for the ultimate functional drink and couldn’t find one on the market. He crafted Amara to be the low Calorie, all-natural combination of the benefits found in his three favorite drinks: Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, and Superfruit drinks.  From that start, Amara Beverage set out to deliver the highest quality beverage possible. We work with leading beverage scientists and doctors to develop and improve the effectiveness of our beverages.  In supporting a healthy lifestyle, we did not want to promote any unhealthy eating habits. Our team has worked hard to ensure Amara is all-natural, containing no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors while still having only 30 Calories per bottle.

Amara Bottle design

Winners Deserve To Be Paid!

6 Sep



We’re giving cash prizes to the top three in both age groups – in addition to cool gifts from our sponsors!

1st Place:  $300
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100


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