Important Announcement!

2 Sep

Registration has been closed and Masters Madness will be rescheduled to a later date.

If you had already registered, please check your email for more details.

Thank you.

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3, 2, 1…. Register!

30 Jul


Masters Madness is Back!

26 Jun

Diablo CrossFit and Diablo Fitness Engineering are very excited to host Masters Madness again this year on Saturday, September 20th.

Last year was a huge success and we hope you are just as excited to have some fun, compete with other badass masters and prove age isn’t anything but a number!

Registration will open on July 29th.  Start calling dibs on a partner now :)

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We’ve Got Standards!

10 Aug



If you are able to do the the following, you will successfully complete every workout in a competitive time! These movement MAY or MAY NOT actually be in the workouts. You will not be required to complete any movement unless otherwise noted in the workout. The loads below will NOT be used for multiple repetitions in a workout!

Your Masters man should be able to at least:

1 Rep Clean & Jerk 150lbs
1 rep Thruster 115lbs
1 rep Deadlift 225lbs
1 rep Snatch 95lbs (power snatch fine)
5 Chest to bar Pull Ups (singles okay)
10 Double Unders (consecutive)
1 Rope Climb

Your Masters woman should be able to do one rep:

1 Rep Clean & Jerk 75lbs
1 Thruster 65lbs
1 Deadlift 150lbs
1 Snatch 55lbs (power snatch fine)
5 Pull ups (chin over the bar)
10 Double Unders (consecutive)
1 Rope Climb

Still have questions?  Post to comments, please.

Master Madness Part Three

17 Jul
Save the Date for Saturday, September 20th!
Partner Competition this time around. Age groups 40-49, and 50+

If you are in the 40-49 age group and your partner is in the in 50+ category the “older” partner may compete in the 40-49 age division with you. However, a 40-49 year old may NOT compete in the 50+ group. Thank you.

More details to come! Stay tuned and mark your calendars!

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Diablo Fitness Engineering

16 Jul

Nor Cal Equipment Specialist!

Diablo Fitness Engineering was founded by successful gym owners with a passion for fitness and a frustration with the industry. Most functional strength and conditioning equipment is manufactured in distant locations, is untested in a heavy-use environment, and has to be ordered in bulk to reduce shipping costs per unit. And, ironically, the equipment that occupies the most space usually has only one application.

At Diablo Fitness Engineering our mission is to do two things exceptionally well:

  1. Design, test and manufacture durable, functional strength and conditioning equipment that has multiple applications within a gym.
  2. Provide Northern California gym owners and garage-gym enthusiasts a convenient place to test and buy the equipment they need with NO SHIPPING COSTS!

We carry everything your garage or CrossFit Affiliate needs to run and more!  From Bumper Plates & Bars, Kettlebells & Dumbells, to Reebok Shoes and Slam Balls..we have it all.  And, be sure to check out the El Diablo Sled!  This multi-purpose sled hangs flat on a wall (8″!) and can carry large loads as a push/pull sled and converts rapidly to a wheelbarrow.  When not in use, it can be used to stack and store your equipment.

Please visit our online store here:  DIABLO FITNESS ENGINEERING for all the equipment that will be for sale after the competition!

We would love to bid your next big (or small) equipment purchase!  We have a mechanical engineer on staff with more than 7 years of CrossFit experience, so we can also help you layout your design to maximize your space.  Email us at:  Call us at:  925-465-0015.

Or, schedule an appointment and come check out our amazing warehouse in Pleasant Hill, California.


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