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2013 Masters Madness:

WOD #1 “Row n Run”
4 min to find 3 Rep Max Axel Deadlift
10 Min AMRAP
1000m Row (partner will be in static hold)*
80 double unders
20 toes 2 bar
20 burpee over partner
Rest 1 min
Unknown Partner Run**
*1000m row will only be completed once. Static hold will be discussed at Athlete briefing.

WOD #2 “Honey Badger Don’t Care”
3 min to find Max rep Dumbbell Pullups**
10 Min AMRAP Honey Badger Complex:
3 Deadlifts
3 Hang Squat Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Shoulder to Overhead**
20 partner box jumps
**40 – 47 DB weight for men: 45lb, women 25lb. 48+ DB weight for men: 35lb, women 20lb.
Men will start, go through one cycle (deadlift – shoulder to overhead) then women will complete one cycle.
Once both partners have completed one cycle, they will do 20 box jumps (work/rest however necessary) before the male partner can start the next cycle.
True to any “complex” DB weights may not be set down between reps or movements. If weights are put down at any point, you must start at the beginning of the cycle again for reps to count.