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Event 1

5 Minute AMRAP

15 Toes 2 Bar

40 Double Unders

12 Burpee over Partner

(Alternate however you want)

——Rest 1 Minute———-

5 Minute AMRAP Partner Complex*

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang Squat Cleans

5 Front Squats to Overhead

*Partner must hold bar at either front rack or deadlift hang. You can switch partners at any time. ex: one person can do 3 reps, then the other one can finish off the movement. Barbell weights will be announced the day of.


Event 2

For Time:

1000 meter Row

200 meters Run with a Sandbag TOGETHER

then AT the 6 minute mark

400 m Run

Max calorie row

10 minute time cap


Event 3

“Overhead Lunge Prowler Relay”

(more info will be announced that day)




If you are able to do the the following, you will successfully complete every workout in a competitive time! These movement MAY or MAY NOT actually be in the workouts. You will not be required to complete any movement unless otherwise noted in the workout. The loads below will NOT be used for multiple repetitions in a workout!

Your Masters man should be able to at least:
1 Rep Clean & Jerk 150lbs
1 rep Thruster 115lbs
1 rep Deadlift 225lbs
1 rep Snatch 95lbs (power snatch fine)
5 Chest to bar Pull Ups (singles okay)
10 Double Unders (consecutive)
1 Rope Climb

Your Masters woman should be able to do one rep:
1 Rep Clean & Jerk 75lbs
1 Thruster 65lbs
1 Deadlift 150lbs
1 Snatch 55lbs (power snatch fine)
5 Pull ups (chin over the bar)
10 Double Unders (consecutive)
1 Rope Climb

Still have questions? email [email protected]